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Infographic: Strange Personal Injury Claims from Around the World

The following infographic come courtesy of the Loyalty Law website ( and shows some of the strangest and most bizarre personal injury claims ever to make the courts from around the World.  Some of the examples include a man who lit a cigarette in a coal company resulting in an explosion, a grocer that slipped playing [...]

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How to File Personal Accident Claims in London

Having an accident is an awful experience, especially if an injury occurs.  Knowing what to do and how to do it isn’t always as straight-forward as you might think.  There are numerous challenges that you may encounter immediately following an accident.  On our website you can read more about Accident Claims in London – including [...]

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New Personal Injury Claims Video Published on Youtube

Today we updated our Youtube Channel with a new video.  The video is titled “Personal Injury Claims London” and is a very short introduction as to what you would need to do should you need a personal injury lawyer in London.  The video has been produced in order to promote our London injury claims webpage [...]

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London Personal Injury Law Youtube Channel Launched

We’ve been busy with our web team this week, setting up a new Youtube Channel dedicated to all things relating to Personal Injury Solicitors in London.  You can view all of our videos on the Channel directly by clicking this link to Youtube.  If you don’t have the time to go and click on the [...]

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Follow Us on Facebook and Ask for Questions or Advice

This morning we set up our own dedicated Facebook page.  Whilst it's not up to much yet admittedly, we do plan to develop it into a portal where any Facebook users can come and ask questions about personal injury law, or get some quick and free advice from a personal injury lawyer in London. Our [...]

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