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If you have been hurt whilst working in London then it’s possible that you could claim for work injury compensation in the capital city. Your employer has a legal obligation to ensure your safety, and if your injuries were a result of negligence then it’s very possible you could be due work accident compensation. Our solicitors work on a no win no fee* agreement and offer a free telephone consultation so call now to discuss your accident at work claim in London.

Accident at Work Compensation in London

It goes without saying that accidents are a fact of life. Mistakes and bad things can happen in the workplace, but nevertheless, your employer must respect their legal duty of care to protect both you and anyone else who finds themselves within your pace of work from harm.

It’s impossible for us to tell you online how much personal injury compensation you could be due unless we speak to you first. When you call us you can discuss your accident at work claim in London and we will be able to very quickly ascertain whether or not you can apply for injury at work compensation. Payment amounts can range from the low thousands to extremely high amounts.

Your employers’ legal obligations begin with employer’s liability insurance. This covers the cost of compensation in the event that a successful personal injury claim is taken against them. If you have suffered a workplace accident, you could qualify to make a compensation claim from your employer if their ‘fault’ or liability can be established by your lawyer.

Physical injuries as well as ‘occupational diseases’ like  asbestosis all the way through to the likes of repetitive strain injury and work-based stress can all equally form the basis of a compensatory award as part of a personal injury claim.

Why Choose Us?

Believe it or not, accident at work claims in London are actually falling due to improved safety standards in the workplace. However, accidents can still happen and we are specialists in helping people in London claim for injury at work compensation. Over the last decade our solicitors have helped thousands of people throughout the UK.

Types of Injury at Work Claim London

We can help, support, and guide on all forms of injury, both physical and mental. Below is a list of the injury at work types that we have had to deal with for London clients. The list is by no means exhaustive, and just because you don’t see anything relating to you, please don’t put that off your calling.  In simple terms, if you have been hurt then there could be some compensation due to you.

Our No Win, No Fee Accident Solicitors in London

Because we work on a no win no fee* agreement it means our accident at work solicitors can start representing you immediately, with no need for you to pay any expensive upfront fees. Our London accident at work solicitors are dedicated to ensuring that all people, residents, and workers in the capital city are able to get effective and quick access to the justice system.

After you have a phone discussion with us we will arrange an appointment with a lawyer as local to you as possible. All of our solicitors and lawyers are experienced and friendly, and are renowned for their understanding and straight-forward attitudes to the process – which gives you great peace of mind.

Accident at Work Compensation Calculator

We don’t recommend that our clients ever use online calculators to try to ascertain how much their work injury claim could be worth. Why? It’s very simple really, because unless you speak to a qualified professional in person then there’s no way that you will ever know how much compensation you could be due.

That’s why we always advocate that people call us as soon as possible as after a few simple questions we will be able to look at personal injury compensation estimates. That’s why we don’t have a work injury compensation calculator in London; because ever case is very different. Contact us now to make an accident at work claim London – lines are open 24 hours a day.

Call 02039930516^ today if you would like a free consultation and guidance on accident at work claims for compensation in London. No obligation and lines open 24/7.

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