Industrial Deafness & Hearing Loss Compensation Claims in London

Did you know that over ten million people in the country have some form of hearing loss and deafness? Many of those suffer as a direct result of their working conditions. We believe that people affected should have the access to the justice system that they deserve, which is why actively pursue industrial deafness in claims in London on behalf of our clients.

Our London industrial deafness solicitors** all work on a no win, no fee* basis. We have years of experience in helping people claim for industrial hearing loss compensation from their employer. London’s residents should call us now to get started, so we can tell you whether you are able to make a claim.

What is Industrial Deafness?

Industrial hearing loss impacts workers who have been exposed to high levels of noise and is also referred to as noise induced hearing loss or occupation deafness.

How Much Compensation for Industrial Deafness Claims in London?

Industrial Deafness Claims London
Make sure you wear adequate ear protection, is exposed to noise.

When we calculate how much industrial deafness and hearing loss compensation our clients are due, our specialist claims solicitors** will look at the whole picture in order to get the best result for the client. Typical claim amounts can range from four thousand to seventy thousand pounds, depending on the severity and impact of the hearing loss.

Everyone that we work for has a different case, and the circumstances around their hearing loss or tinnitus will always be different – that’s why we address each case on an individual basis. Below are some guidelines to hearing loss compensation amounts that have been paid out in London and the UK.

  • Total industrial hearing loss with no hearing in either ear – £50,000 to £70,000
  • Total hearing loss in just the one ear – £17,000 to £30,000
  • Serious tinnitus and hearing loss – £8,000 to £15,000
  • Minor hearing loss or minor tinnitus – £4,000 to £7,000

Most cases will need to address via medical reports whether you have a complete loss of hearing, or just partial deafness. It will also take into account whether you have pain and suffering as a result of the damage, and whether it is both ears or just one.

Make an Industrial Deafness Claim in London

If you wish to make an industrial deafness claim in London, then call our helpline today. Before you do that, please read some of the notes that we have set out below, which go into some detail on how industrial hearing loss claims are judged in London and the UK.

Industrial Hearing Loss Compensation in London

Employer Responsibilities – UK Law

Noise Pollution at Work
Noisy work environments can put you at risk.

During the process of us helping you in claiming for London industrial deafness compensation, we will need to find out whether your employer followed the necessary health and safety guidelines to protect our hearing. This will form the basis of any industrial hearing loss compensation amounts. Aspects that employers are required by law to follow include:

  • Reducing exposure to noise in the workplace
  • Providing employees with health and safety equipment
  • Monitoring noise to ensure it does not exceed legal maximums
  • Checking machinery and equipment for noise levels
  • Giving adequate health and safety training on-site
  • Checking employees who are at risk from industrial deafness

Compensation for Partial Noise Exposure

Not every single claim that we deal with results in a client having immediately lost their hearing. For some victims it will be a gradual process, coming many years after they have been exposed to noise pollution. This is referred to a partial noise exposure.

You might find that your hearing is getting worse over time, sometimes many years after. In a case like this, our solicitors are still able to support clients with claiming for hearing loss compensation in the London area.

Industrial Deafness Solicitors** in London

We work with specialist solicitors** who know the industrial hearing loss and deafness process inside and out. When you work with us, our London industrial deafness solicitors** will ensure that you receive the very best legal representation and will work to get you the maximum compensation amounts possible.

Our solicitors** are also able to help sufferers of tinnitus, as any form of hearing loss can have wide implications for the sufferer, and also their family. We have a sympathetic approach to the way we work, so if you would like to talk to us, then please call us now for a free telephone consultation.

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