Food Poisoning Compensation Claims in London

Claims for food poisoning compensation in London can be successfully made, providing it’s possible to prove that the guilty party was responsible for the incident. It could be as a result of many differing factors, but typically includes contamination, poor food hygiene and preparation, and bad practices with out-of-date foods. Most food poisoning claims for compensation are brought against the following types of establishments:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Canteens
  • Take Away Food Outlets
  • Food Retailers, Shops, and Stores
  • Holiday Destinations (Home and Abroad)
  • Hospitals
  • Care Homes
  • Schools
  • Cruise Ships

If we are able to prove the case, it will usually involve tracing the source of contamination and by you have medical records proving that you had a case of food poisoning.

Whilst we are focussed on the London area, we are able to help clients with food poisoning claims regardless of the location it happened. For example, some cases have occurred whilst at sea on cruise ships, on holiday abroad, and at other locations in the UK outside of London.

Food Poisoning Claims London – Time Limits

Just like any other personal injury claim, food poisoning cases fall under the same law, which states that you have a maximum period of 3 years in which to claim from the date of the incident. This does not apply to children under the age of 18 though – please call us for confirmation if you are not sure whether you or a family member are able to claim.

Due to the time limits involved, we suggest that you call us immediately. Our solicitors** work on a no win, no fee* basis and can get started immediately as soon as we have details from you. In some cases, we can give estimates over the telephone on how much compensation you could be due for a food poisoning claim in London.

How Much Compensation for Food Poisoning in London?

When we work on your behalf, our solicitors** will look to recover damages and payments for the following aspects.

  • Money for pain, suffering, and any physical side effects
  • Special damages to pay for medical costs and other related expenses
  • Loss of earning and future earnings are also compensated for

How much food poisoning compensation you receive is very dependent on how serious the case was, how long it took you to recover, and any costs or expenses that can be attributed to the illness. If the incident happened whilst you were on holiday, then we would also look to claim back for any time or enjoyment that you lost from your holiday.

Make a Food Poisoning Claim in London

Our process is designed to be as simple as possible. You simply call us, we assess your food poisoning claim over the telephone, and then arrange an appointment with a London solicitor** if we feel you are eligible for compensation.

In most cases, we will get the matter settled out of court so that you don’t have to attend any court sessions. Our solicitors** work to ensure that the cases are settled as quickly as possible with the maximum settlements amounts compensated to our clients.

Seek Medical Attention and Proper Records

If you are a victim of food poisoning, then we recommend that you seek immediate medical attention. We can only proceed with a claim for compensation on your behalf if you have been diagnosed by your doctor correctly, and have medical records showing proof of your case.

Salmonella Food Poisoning Bacteria
Salmonella is a common claim type we can deal with.

The classic symptoms of food poisoning include the following. If you are suffering in this way then go to your doctors or hospital and then call us once you are fit enough to.

  • Confusion
  • Dehydration
  • Diarrhoea (watery, blood streaked, mucosal, violent episodes)
  • Exhaustion
  • Fever (cold or burning fever)
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Shivering
  • Stomach cramps
  • Sweating
  • Urine infections (pain on passing urine, blood in urine)
  • Vomiting (sometimes violent and/or blood streaked)
  • Weight loss.

Types of illness classifications that a claim like this include are as follows:

  • Campylobacter – a bacterial infection due to poorly cooked meats, which can take over a week to materialise in symptoms.
  • Cryptosporidium – parasitic infection transferred in human faeces in swimming pool water or contaminated drinking water.
  • E-coli – a bacterial infection found in many food types, and also in dirty or contaminated water used in cooking and cleaning.
  • Giardia Lamblia – a parasitic infection that is present in faecal matter.  Victims will usually become ill after drinking contaminated water or from a swimming pool.
  • Norovirus – the winter vomiting flu bug leads to very bad symptoms such as being sick and constant trips to the toilet. Most commonly found in hospitals.
  • Salmonella – victims will become ill if certain food types are not cooking properly, but can also be transmitted via animals.
  • Shigella Dysentery – another bacterial infection that is a result of contaminated water and drinks. Very common in the leisure industry.

Who or What Pays the Compensation Amounts?

In cases of food poisoning claims in London, the guilty third party such as a restaurant or hotel will be liable to pay the costs. The compensation amounts will be paid by their insurance company.

For people poisoned whilst on holiday, then the tour operator will have insurance policies designed to pay out in case such as this.

Why Choose Us?

Our no win, no fee* solicitors** work diligently to ensure that our clients get the best possible outcome to their case. With years of experience in handling food poisoning compensation claims in London and the UK, we are perfectly placed to support your case.

As we work on no win no fee* it means you don’t have any financial risk when making a claim. Call today to get started with immediate and free telephone guidance.

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