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To receive the highest level of care and legal representation, please call our London helpline today. We can help you and your family to make a brain injury claim for compensation. Working on a no win on fee* agreement, our solicitors** treat each case with the utmost care and attention.

Brain Injury Solicitors** for London

People involved in serious accidents resulting in brain and head injuries can have wide-ranging implications for the remainder of their life.

We treat these types of personal injury claim with the utmost sympathy and understanding, as any brain injury compensation is vital for the claimant’s quality of life. They could require life-time medical and care support and as such it’s imperative that they have the guidance and support of a reputable and specialist injury solicitor**.

Our specialists have years of experience in helping families in London to get the financial re-dress that they both need and deserve. We fight tooth and nail to ensure the best possible outcome on any brain damage claims that they work on.

How Much Brain Damage Compensation?

As with all personal injury solicitors**, we are bound by UK Government guidelines which determine the compensation amounts available for brain injury cases. The guidelines range from £12,000 for minor head injury types, to over £300,000 in the most serious of cases.

These compensation amounts are a one-off payment designed to compensate for pain and suffering. However, in addition to this payment, it’s also possible for a brain injury solicitor** to help a client claim for supplementary compensation payments to pay for living expenses, rehabilitation, and future care costs.

The following compensation ranges are for guide purposes only. Until we have spoken to you or a member of the victim’s family, we cannot give more accurate estimates.

  • Very Serious Brain Damage – £227,975 to £326,700
  • Moderate to Serious Brain Damage – £177,100 to £227,975
  • Moderate Brain Damage – £34,815 to £177,100
  • Less Severe Brain Damage – £12,375 to £34,760
  • Minor Brain or Head Injury – £1,788 to £10,340

Making Brain Injury Claims in London

When using our services, we will work to ensure that you get the very best medical treatment, as well as future rehabilitation support. We can help you to minimise the financial implications of brain injury and will look to get immediate interim compensation payments brought forward to help you and your family.

Our solicitors** work closely with families to ensure they get the bespoke care and attention that they need. We will always give you expert and practical guidance in a language that makes sense to you.

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