Head Injury Compensation Claims in London

Head injuries are one of the most common, and severe, injuries that our team of personal injury solicitors** handle for London residents and workers. According to statistics, around one million people receive medical treatment for head injuries every year, with an estimated 12,000 of those sustaining injuries with severe, life changing effects. These effects are exactly why claiming head injury compensation is so important to get right.

If you or a member of your family have had the misfortune of being the victim of a head injury, our team of dedicated solicitors** are here to help. To find out if you are entitled to make an enquiry, contact us today on 02038115808^. We offer a free consultation for all callers.

Head Injury Claims in London

We provide legal assistance for victims in and around the London area that have sustained numerous types of head injuries. Head injuries are much more common than many people believe, and can occur from carrying out everyday tasks, as well as in serious accidents. The most common types of incidents that lead to head injuries are:

According to research, around 45% of all head injuries occur from road traffic accidents, with just under 30% being a result of an accident in the workplace or an industrial accident. We understand that a severe head injury can be a life-changing event and work tirelessly to ensure that our clients receive substantial head injury compensation amounts where possible.

Head Injury Claims London - The Statistics
Statistics on Head Injuries in the UK.

Our team of London solicitors** understand the difficulties surrounding a head injury and will work with you to obtain the maximum amount of compensation possible. We understand that such a life-changing event needs to be approached with sensitivity. Our team strive to work around our clients and their needs. If you have been affected by a head injury, then we recommend the Headway Charity.

Types of Head Injuries

There are different types of head injuries that our team of personal injury solicitors** specialise in. Using their vast amount of experience, our team will be able to guide you on the best way to take your case forward.

Closed Head Injuries

These occur when there is no open wound, but the head has been hit with an object, potentially leaving bruising or internal bleeding. This sort of injury is one of the most common, and can occur through playing sports or banging your head. Closed head traumas can cause swelling or fluid retention inside the head and even lead to brain damage.

Brain Trauma

According to the Brain Injury Resource Foundation, approximately 125,000 people suffer from a brain injury which requires hospital admission in the UK every year. A brain trauma is an injury causing lasting damage to the mental state of the victim.

Penetrative Head Injuries

These are injuries where there is a clear mark or visible injury on the head. This can be caused by hitting your head off of something sharp, such as a knife or even a bullet.

Crushed Head Injury

Despite this type of injury being the least common, it most commonly occurs in industrial accidents or workplaces or in road traffic accidents. This type of accident involves the head being caught in between two hard objects.

Symptoms of Head Injuries

You could be suffering from a head injury if you are suffering from nausea, headaches, double vision, dizziness, memory problems, extreme fatigue or anxiety and depression. If you have any of these symptoms following a head trauma, please contact a medical expert as soon as possible before seeking legal guidance. Not only does this allow you to have any potential injuries treated, but can back up any compensation claim you may wish to make.

We know that receiving a head injury can lead to complications, with some people being unable to work for a substantial amount of time, if ever, leading to personal and financial issues. If we believe you are entitled to compensation, we will strive to get damages pushed forward in order to aid you financially throughout your compensation claim.

Claiming for Head Injury Compensation in London

The average amount of compensation awarded for a head injury is significantly higher than many other personal injury claims. Whilst it is difficult to accurately predict exactly how much your claim is worth, our team of solicitors** will be able to give you an assessment of the potential value of your claim. The damages awarded will take factors such as the costs of rehabilitation, disability aids, home care, specialist equipment or the cost of having a house modified, into account.

The complexity of a head injury means that making a claim can be a very difficult task, especially if the client is going through rehabilitation and adapting to their injury. Our team of solicitors** look to take the stress off our clients in order to aid our client in obtaining compensation.

No Win, No Fee Solicitors** In London for Head Injury Claims

We pride ourselves on our exceptionally high success rates. Our team of personal injury solicitors** work on a no win no fee* basis – this means that if you are unsuccessful in obtaining any compensation for your injury, we will not charge for legal fees or representation. By choosing us you are ensuring that you have no surprise bills even if you do not receive compensation.

We are open and honest with our clients, and we believe that this transparency aids our customers. If we are successful in obtaining compensation for your injuries, we will take a success fee, however this will never be more than a quarter of your compensation. Our policy of taking a minimal amount of compensation has led to our remarkably high customer satisfaction rates.

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We understand the difficulties that can arise from a serious head injury, and know that starting a claim can sometimes be the most difficult aspect. It is imperative to be open and honest with our solicitors** in order to aid them in building the strongest claim possible.

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