Public Liability Claims for London

Accidents happen in public and often they’re just that, accidents – but sometimes, someone has done something that inadvertently puts you at risk. This kind of carelessness or negligence is usually grounds to seek public liability compensation. Speak to our professionals on 02039930516^ to discuss your injury, and if you have a case to pursue a claim.

Some of the Types of Public Liability Compensation Claims we Handle:

Store, Supermarket & Shopping Center Injury Claims

Claim Compensation For Your Accident Whilst Shopping

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Here at Personal Injury Solicitors London we are experts in claims involving all sorts of shops: stores big and small, supermarkets and every kind of retail outlet and shopping complex.

The kind of accidents you might expect within the retail sector could include anything from falls, slips and trips in public facilities and shop aisles, injuries caused by bad maintenance or wet floors, accidents involving faulty goods or incidents in facilities such as cafes and food concessions, toilets and car parks. Read More.

Food Poisoning Compensation Claims

Restaurant & Takeaway Liability Compensation

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Our personal injury solicitors can help you to claim for food poisoning compensation providing we can prove that your illness was due to the negligence of a third party. We will also need proof of your illness, so please make sure that you see a doctor or hospital if you have been affected. Read More.

Animal Bites and Attacks

Being bitten by a dangerous or out of control dog can be extremely frightening and stressful.  You could end up with severe injuries, plus the psychological trauma that tends to manifest itself after an animal attack.

People who own dangerous animals have a legal responsibility to ensure that members of the public, children, and workers are protected from such instances.

Sporting Accidents

Injuries happen all the time during sporting activity, it’s part of the game and what most people expect to happen. But what happens when you are injured due to someone else’s negligence, behaviour, or fault? When this happens you are entitled in most cases to make a sport injury claim.

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