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New Injury Claims Types Now Available for Legal Support in London

Posted in: Personal Injury 

Despite the lead up to Christmas and New Year, our website and social media team have been extremely busy. We’re making sure that the website is 100% up to date and ready for any personal injury claims that might occur over the festive period and in 2016.

Today, we added a lot more content to our website, designed to help those that live and work in London get the legal representation that they deserve after an accident. Which we’re proud to do on a no win, no fee * basis.

For example, today we added a new page about arm injury compensation claims in London, which goes into some detail about what you should do in the event of an injury.

We also put together a superb informational page regarding broken foot injury claims. Take a look at that if you have hurt one or both of your feet and would like to know how much compensation you could be due with the help of our specialist legal team.

We cover virtually all forms of injury claims, including shoulder injuries and even accidental death. Over such joyous periods, it’s important to remember that some families out there will end up having to cope with a fatality due to a car accident or a fatal workplace accident. This is why we are committed to being available to families suffering from accidents over the holidays.

Over the coming days we will be adding even more content to the website from our team of solicitors **, and will update this blog post with more as we go.

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