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As one of London’s leading claims management companies, we have a roster of specialist back injury solicitors** in London who are able to recover substantial damages for our clients. If your back has been injured in London, and it was through no fault of your own, then it’s very likely that you could be due back injury compensation.

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All of our personal injury solicitors** are friendly, sympathetic, and explain the process in simple terms. We work on your claim and take as much worry away from you as possible. All of our back injury solicitors** are specifically trained to handle cases such as yours, and go as far as possible to get you the maximum amount of compensation possible.

Our London lawyers work on a no win no fee* agreement meaning you don’t have to pay for upfront legal services, and have the peace of mind in knowing you will receive a top class service.

Back Injury Compensation Amounts in London

Below are some loose guideline to compensation amounts for back injury claims in London. The Government sets out these guidelines. Our back injury solicitors** always try to maximise your compensation payments, so you get the most from a claim. In some cases, we can bring forward interim compensation amounts to help you recover.

Severe Back Injury

Severe back injuries are those which relate to spinal cord damage. Serious back injuries of this type can result in problems with the bowel and bladder. Due to the serious nature, back injury compensation guidelines range from £73,700 to £130,130.

Victims who are diagnosed with reduced bladder and bowel function, scar and tissue damage, and sexual function problems, plus could potentially have to have future operations can expect between £59,950 and £71,500

Spinal injuries including disc fractures and lesions leading to severe pain and difficulties moving could range from £31,350 to £56,375.

Moderate Back Injury

Where the victim has bone fractures in the spine due to crushing, or bone slips (spondylolisthesis), prolapsed discs, and degeneration of the spine, they could range between £22,440 and £31,350.

Where ligaments or muscles are damaged, there can be severe backache. Soft tissue damage is also relevant here, and claimants can be in pain for five or more years. Compensation awards can range from £10,120 to £22,440.

Minor Back Injury

If you have suffered a minor back injury in London then we can seek compensation for strains, sprains, prolapsed discs, and other soft tissue damage. In cases such as this, the victim should be able to make a full recovery with no need for invasive surgical procedures. Compensation payouts can range from £6,380 to £10,120.

Causes of Back Injuries

The common types of London back injury compensation claims that our solicitors** deal with are typically those involving car crash accidents and accidents whilst at work. The following is a list of the common scenarios by which you could end up being injured, resulting in a personal injury claim.

Car Accident Back Injury Claims

Car Accidents are typical cases that we deal with

The most high profile type of claim that we help clients in London with our whiplash injury claims. This occurs when a person’s suffers violent movements forwards and backwards. This can lead to spinal injuries where the neck area of cervical spine is damaged.

Claimants can also claim for compensation for injuries to the lower and middle of the back, and it’s not just car drivers who can suffer. We are also able to represent bus passengers, motorcyclists, and lorry drivers.

Back Injury at Work Claims

Those involved in manual labour, likes those in construction and factories, are amongst the highest risk of suffering from back pain and backaches. Employers in London are required to adhere to Health and Safety law with regard to their employees taking part in heavy lifting of objects, but accidents can and still do happen.

Our London solicitors** can help you to claim back compensation from company insurance policies that are specifically designed to account for back injury compensation claims.

Medical and Clinical Negligence Back Injury Compensation

When you entrust your well-being with medical professionals, you expect a high level of care and competency. Whilst in most cases that’s exactly what you will receive, on rare occasions things can go wrong.

Operations and surgery don’t always go to plan, and our personal injury solicitors** can guide you on what action needs to be taken where medical negligence by a nurse, doctor, or surgeon has occurred.

Back Personal Injury Claims

Don’t worry if you cannot see a scenario above that relates to you. There are multiple situations whereby a back injury can occur, including slips and trips in public places, sporting injuries, criminal assault and actions, industrial accidents, being attacked by an animal, or even being hurt whilst on holiday or abroad.

Making Successful Back Injury Compensation Claims

In order to stand a high chance of success, we will ask that you support us in gathering as much documentation and evidence as possible when making a claim. Whilst this might not always be possible at the time of an accident, please bear this in mind when requesting our services.

  • Medical records and notes from the hospital or doctor’s surgery
  • Any police reports if they were called at the time
  • If possible, have photographic evidence of your injuries and the scene
  • Details of any witnesses including name, address, and telephone numbers
  • Keep track of any expenses incurred and log any receipts

What Can You Claim For?

Our personal injury solicitors** will fight tooth and nail to make sure that you get the highest compensation payouts allowed by law. We will look to recover damages for the following items:

  1. Your pain and suffering both present and future
  2. Damages for psychological suffering
  3. Compensation for loss of wages, earnings, and time off work
  4. Costs of private medical treatment and rehabilitation
  5. Future rehabilitation and care costs
  6. Costs for travel and replacement vehicles

In simple terms, we will look to seek back injury compensation in London for anything that we feel can be directly related to your accident, both now and projected into the future.

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