Arm Injury Compensation in London

If you have been hurt and suffered an injury to your arm in London, such as a break, sprain, cut, bruising, or burn, and it wasn’t your fault, then you could be entitled to personal injury compensation. Our no win, no fee* solicitors** offer free phone consultations to all callers.

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How Much Compensation for an Arm Injury in London?

Every case that our solicitors** deal with will be different, and we won’t be able to give you an indication of how much compensation for a broken arm you could be due until we have assessed your case. However, we do have some guidelines to compensation amounts that you can see below:

  • Minor arm injury claim – Up to £4,200
  • Fractured arm – £4,200 to £12,300
  • Accident leading to disability – £12,300 to £25,000
  • Serious arm injury claims – £25,000 to £84,000
  • Amputation cases – £62,000 to £192,000

When medical experts refer to arm injuries, then they are typically talking about the upper arm area. This part of the body includes a major bone called the humerus, and include muscles and ligaments, all of which can be at risk of injury.

No matter what part of your arm was hurt, you could be due personal injury and accident compensation if the incident was not your fault. This could arise from the following types of accident in London:

Arm Injury Compensation Solicitors in London
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Worried About Making a Claim at Work?

Many people who call us will be seeking arm injury compensation after an accident at work and will be worried about having to take legal action against their employer or place of work.

When you call our helpline, our team will put your mind at ease, and treat your call with the utmost confidentiality. We will be able to tell you that if you do decide to make a claim, then any broken arm injury compensation will be paid for via an insurance scheme.

All businesses in London are required by law to have insurance policies which are designed to pay out in the event of an accident, so your employer won’t themselves have to pay any compensation awards. They are not allowed to discriminate against workers or employees who have pursued a personal injury claim.

Why Use Our Solicitors** for Your Arm Injury Claim?

Our solicitors** are specialists in arm injury compensation claims, and have many years of experience in helping people in London get the justice that they deserve for injury.

We can help and support on a wide variety of arm injury claims in London relating to tendonitis, repetitive strain injuries, dislocations and broken bones.

We offer a high level of service, and always go the extra mile to ensure that our clients get the very best legal representation, and try to avoid them ever having to attend a court session. In fact, most claims of this type will be settled out of court quickly with our no win, no fee* solicitors.

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