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One such area is when gym accidents occur as a result of poor equipment or facilities maintenance, poor or non-existent instruction or the kind of slips, trips and falls that can be common in a leisure environment.

The number of gym users in the UK reached 7.6 million; an all-time high in the UK in 2012 with research suggesting that consumers are waking up to a new way to work-out at a cheaper price-point.

The 2012 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report reveals that whilst the economic climate continues to force consumers to monitor their spending, many are taking it upon themselves to seek out specifically cost effective option to keep fit. Budget gyms, in particular, have seen remarkable growth in the past 18 months, and with any operation where profit margins are pared back to the bone there is always a worry that corners will be cut to the detriment of health and safety.

If an accident has happened to you either as a customer, visitor or member of staff in a London gym, and you have been injured through no fault of your own, then you made be eligible to make a Personal Injury Claim.

If that accident means that you, or someone close to you, has experienced physical, emotional or financial loss as the result of another person’s negligence then it is absolutely right that you seek compensation for your losses.

If used properly and well staffed and maintained, gyms and fitness centres are a great way to get in shape in a pleasant sociable environment. Such is the gym’s popularity that it is estimated that around 4 million people in the UK have a gym membership at any one time. Gyms are ideal for health and fitness but in the wrong hands there are potential dangers as well. Then, the same facilities become a magnet for accident and injury.

Like everyone involved in the leisure industry, the owners and management of gyms and leisure centres have a duty of care to their visitors which includes ensuring that facilities are safe and working appropriately. As soon as this duty of care is absent or falls short then an serious or even life-threatening injury can occur.

A gym or fitness centre tyically offers a wide variety of equipment, facilities and tuition. This is likely to include fitness classes such as aerobics, a weight training gym, cardio machines, such as treadmills and cycling and rowing machines and specialist on-site services such as massage and physiotherapy.

As a matter of policy, staff should conduct an induction for any new member or client to ensure that they can use the equipment safely thereafter and also follow any instructions given during the induction.

Machines should be maintained on a regular basis and weight training areas should be tidied up after each session. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and accidents occur where there is neglect, litter, spillages, broken equipment or a simple lack of duty of care.

The kind of accidents you might expect within the entertainment sector could include anything from slips and trips in public areas over furniture and carpets, injuries caused by poor maintenance of premises and their fixtures and fittings. Also applicable are accidents within communal areas such as saunas, steam rooms, gyms or pool facilities and with specific apparatus whenever Health and Safety obligations have been poorly applied.

Staff too, can both suffer and provide the cause for an accident, especially in situations where they over-exert themselves in demonstrating or using equipment or fail to discern a workplace hazard.

While no one can restore your life to exactly the way things were prior to a serious accident, we can still help you gain some form of remedy for your losses. A personal injury claim is an application for compensation in the form of a Personal Injury claim award that is paid to the victim of an accident.

With our help and the compensation you are due, you can recover from your gym accident, put your accident behind you and look forward to a brighter future.

Instructing an expert injury solicitor, that works in the gym and leisure sector, should be your first step on the road to a successful physical, financial and emotional recovery from an accident in a leisure centre, swimming pool or gym.

Any initial guidance we offer at Personal Injury Solicitors London is free and there is no subsequent obligation to take your claim with us – or anyone else. Regardless of the eventual outcome of any enquiry we urge you to give us a call.

Once you have received our free assessment of your case’s chances and you know where you stand legally, you will be in the position to make an informed choice on what you want to do next. That has to be an improvement on your current situation, no?

When you first call you will be asked for some details about the specifics of your accident. It is worth thinking about this in advance and writing down all the details you remember to jog your memory. Sometimes even the most seemingly insignificant piece of information can make all the difference to the outcome – and also the compensation award – you receive from your claim. Here is a checklist of questions that a solicitor will want to know the answers to:

  • Tell us what exactly happened to you or the victim of the gym or leisure centre accident, if you are enquiring on someone else’s behalf?
  • Tell us when, where, how and why your gym accident happened? You should also write down all the relevant time and date details of your visit to the gym you can remember to help us construct a timeline of your narrative.
  • Tell us who is responsible for your illness or personal injury at the gym?
  • Please let us know if you are the victim of the gym accident or if you are you calling to make a personal injury claim on behalf of someone else?
  • Please write down all the financial losses you have suffered due to your accident as well as all the physical or emotional injuries you (or the person you are representing) have suffered too?

We will also use all the information you provide to help us establish the facts of your case and work out exactly how your information fits specifically within the law and any legal obligations that might apply to you.

Whatever your type of injury, and whatever your story your claim is important to us. We believe that access to justice is a basic human right for all. Our view is that justice is something that should not be the sole preserve of the confident, the rich and the powerful.

Please be assured, the powerlessness and uncertainty that you and your family are experiencing now, as a result of your accident and injuries will pass. With our help today’s doubts can be successfully put behind you.

Whatever worries you already have should not be added to by the uncertainty surrounding the cost of taking a legal action or guidance.

Thanks to our no win no fee* funding solution, the prospect of seeking financial redress through a legal claim you cannot afford to take will not be an issue. We can take the burden of legal costs away from you and we will be delighted to do so.

With our No Win No Fee* funding you will never be asked for a single penny of payment for any of costs that your case creates. That means whether you win or lose you will never be liable to pay money out to anyone involved in your case.

The first step towards the peace of mind you are looking for starts with a phonecall to our expert care staff. When you call you can speak openly and in confidence and without cost or any obligation to proceed.

Together we will work out the details of your case and whether (or not) we can help you take a claim forwards. If we can, we will look to get an expert solicitor specialising in leisure industry claims assigned to your case immediately.

Having the best, most appropriate representation on board is the key factor in turning your claim into a successful case with the appropriate level of compensation for your injuries and losses.

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