Factory Accident Claims in London

As a worker, you have legal rights and are protected by the law. If you have been injured, become ill, or been hurt whilst at work, then our personal injury solicitors** can give you free telephone guidance on what to do next. Call now and answer a few simple questions, so we can tell you what your rights are and how much potential factory accident compensation you could be owed.

Warehouse & Factory Accident Compensation in London

Factory and warehouse workers are amongst those people at the highest risk of suffering a personal injury at work. Over the last decade, our solicitors** have represented multiple workers around the UK and in London and helped them to get the financial justice they deserve after an accident.

If you have been hurt and injured whilst working in a factory or warehouse in London and believe that it was not your fault, then you could be entitled to receive accident compensation.

To get started, simply call our helpline today. We will ask you for a bit of information about the accident and can quickly tell you whether you are owed compensation. All of our London personal injury solicitors** work on a no win, no fee* agreement, meaning you are not exposed to any large financial risk.

Types of Accident and Injuries in Factories & Warehouses

The types of accident and injuries that commonly occur in factories and warehouses are wide-ranging and can be very serious due to the work involved. Even if you cannot see an example that relates to you, that doesn’t mean you cannot claim. Call us to tell us more with a free phone consultation.

Dangerous Machinery

Factories and warehouses tend to have many pieces of equipment and machines that can potentially injure workers. You should always receive proper training from a qualified trainer before using any form of industrial machinery.

All equipment should also be correctly maintained and not faulty or defective. Accidents can occur frequently and will include injuries such as burns, cuts, breaks to the bone, amputation, and eye injuries.

Lifting of Heavy Objects & Manual Handling

Working on a production line or making and manufacturing products in a factory will often mean workers need to lift heavy objects. This should always be avoided if possible, but if you do need to do so then proper training must have been completed.

When making a factory accident claim in London of this type, we find that many claimants will have hurt their back, neck, and shoulder – and in some cases suffer from arm injuries and foot complaints.

Forklift Truck Accidents

Forklift trucks in a warehouse

Any employee required to drive a forklift truck in London must wear PPE clothing (personal protective equipment) and should also have received qualified training to do so. The forklift should also have regular inspections to ensure that it works properly and is safe.

In addition to that, to reduce the chance of warehouse accident claims for personal injury, all pedestrian pathways should be clear, and barriers in places where needed. Typical cases involved forklift trucks in London include broken bones, crush injuries and the occasional fatal accident.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

The majority of industrial workers who approach us to help them with warehouse and factory accident compensation in London report being hurt during a slip, trip, or a fall. In environments like this, it’s very common for water and spillages to be on the floor, especially in factories where food is being produced and processed.

Injuries involved water, oil, and liquid slips will occur where spillages have not been correctly cleared and cleaned up and can result in varied personal injury types. All of these can be looked into by one of our personal injury solicitors**.

Industrial Disease / Occupational Disease

Exposure to gases can result in an accident claim in London

Many factories and warehouses will be involved in the manufacture of products that can lead to industrial disease claims if workers are exposed to hazardous materials. With chemical fumes, gases, dust, and other toxic products being produced, it’s a common factor amongst personal injury claimants in the London area.

Whilst asbestos is no longer used in warehouses, we can represent workers who have historical asbestos claims, no matter how long ago the exposure happened. As well as asbestos, we are also able to guide on industrial deafness, hearing loss, vision loss and blindness, occupational dermatitis, hand and arm vibration injury, RSI, asthma, latex allergy, and lung cancer.

Hit By Falling Objects

In warehouses, objects will often be stored at height on high shelving and pallets. If they have not been correctly placed and stored, then there is always the risk that a product can fall and hit you on the head or body.

The smallest items, when falling from a height, can cause serious injuries. We are specialist solicitors** in head injury claims, spinal injury, and all forms of compensation.

Falling From a Ladder or Height

As part of your daily work routine, you could be required to work at height on ladders or other objects. Warehouse workers can be at risk of workplace injuries when stacking boxes or retrieving packages from high floors. Accidents of this type will typically involve ladders, elevated flooring and steps, and mechanical pickers.

In 2005 the Government passed The Work at Height Regulations. These state that factory and warehouse workers in the UK and London have to avoid working at height unless completely necessary. If you are required to, then you should be provided with effective training and safety equipment to do so.

How to Make a Factory Accident Claim in London

Call today for free guidance on whether you or a family member can claim for personal injury and accident compensation. We will be able to quickly tell you where stand from a legal perspective.

If you are concerned about taking legal action against an employer or the company that you work for, then please note that any factory accident compensation will be paid for via an insurance policy. Your employer will not be financially penalised.

All businesses and employers in London are legally required to ensure that their staff are protected against injury. Health and safety rules must be adhered to, but even in the strictest of working environments, accidents can still happen.

As a worker you have the right to justice and financial compensation if you have been injured or hurt whilst at work, either as the result of co-worker negligence, a site visitor, or bad practice by the company involved. Your call will be treated with the strictest of confidence.

Call 02038115808^ now for a free phone consultation if you have been hurt and injured whilst working in a factory or warehouse in and around London.

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