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We’ve Been Very Busy and Can Now Help Even More

Posted in: Personal Injury 

It’s been a while since we updated the blog, but there’s actually a very good reason for that.  We’ve been busy finding new personal injury solicitors ** to work with us, who can now offer support on a more varied and wide range of claims.

New Claims Types We Can Support With

For example, we are now able to offer support to people or families of people where industrial hearing loss compensation is required. With London being an industrial hub down the years, this form of occupational deafness is actually far more common than you might think, even by today’s high standards of health and safety.

On a similar work-based topic, we also now have a new page regarding asbestosis and can also help victims claim for compensation even after many years.

In addition to that, we’ve also decided to branch into offering legal support for people who have become ill whilst eating at one of the thousands of restaurants in the London area. If you believe you have been the victim of food poisoning in the capital then please read our checklist of symptoms then get in touch with our solicitors **. Many times it will be tourists in London who suffer from food poisoning, and we can help you even if you don’t live or work in London.

Another claim commonly made by people visiting the capital city is when they are injured whilst on a bus… and we can now even help with coach accident claims.

Over the coming weeks we will be adding more claims types to the website, so make sure that you save our website for future reference, just in case you ever need our services.


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