How Fraudulent SIPP Claims Could Be Set to Take Off in the UK

There is set to be a huge flood of cases involving SIPP claims and compensation over the next 12 months, after three men were sentenced due to their fraudulent activity amounting to 23 million pounds.

The three guilty men were sent to jail on Monday after a hearing at Southwark Crown Court concerning a fake investment plan involving financial products based on “green biofuel” plantations in Cambodia. I know, it couldn’t really sound any shiftier could it?

sfoHow the scam worked was that the men were selling the products with a SIPPs wrapper, and nearly 300 people and investors were affected. Some of the people affected have been said to have lost their entire life savings in the scam.

Some of the victims are currently seeing if they can win back compensation for the mis-selling of SIPPs with specialist solicitors and lawyers who work on SIPPs claims.

Jane de Lozey, joint head of fraud at the Serious Fraud Office said:

“This is the first of a number of Serious Fraud Office cases to come to trial involving the mis-selling of investment products connected with self-invested personal pension plans.”

A spokesman for The Financial Ombudsman Service, an independent complaints body, also has this to add on the case involved SIPPs mis-selling:

“We are receiving 80 new complaints a month about SIPPs and are finding in the consumer’s favour in 56 per cent of those cases.”

I also got the chance to speak to Darren Turnpike who is one of the management team at Expert Pension Claims. They are a company specialising in SIPPs claims. They have already helped many people in the UK claim back money and compensation after they were taken advantage of. His view on the matter was as follows:

“In our experience, self-invested personal pensions or SIPPs have been very open to mis-selling and in particular fraudulent people. This is due to the fact that pension savings will often be the only things a person has available to them to invest in opportunities. We have spoken to many victims who have been mis-sold SIPP investments and are now working closely not just with us, but also the police.”

Not every SIPP fraud case where mis-selling has occurred will result in a criminal investigation though. Some could be down to poor practice from financial advisors, rather than any clear criminal intent. Having said that, it’s still possible to claim back compensation in cases like this where you believe that SIPP mis-selling has occurred.

It is certainly an interested development, and one which our own solicitors will be keeping a close eye on as we are committed ourselves to representing our clients where they have been mis-represented.

Car Accident Solicitors for London - Expert Legal Advice

Car accidents and road traffic accidents are amongst the most common causes of injury in the United Kingdom, and London has a high proportion due to the large population and level of car ownership.

If you or a family member has been involved in a car accident, then the ramifications can range from bumps and scratches, to more serious injuries, and in some cases fatalities. In all cases, it pays to use the services of a specialist car accident solicitor who can help you and your family get the justice that you deserve.

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How Our Car Accident Solicitors in London Can Help You

We can help you to recover financial damages to help pay for medical bills, future medical care and rehabilitation, financial losses, and repairs to your vehicle or a replacement car.

Please don’t accept the first offer that an insurance company offers you, as in many cases, it could be possible to get a lot more. That’s where our car accident solicitors can help you, as with have done for many people already this year.

Our car accident solicitors in London have helped drivers and pedestrians who have been the victim in a road accident due to many different reasons. It could relate to negligent driving by a third party, drunken drivers, drivers under the influence of drugs, speeding motorists, or just a general lack of care and concentration.

What Type of Compensation Can You Claim for a Car Crash?

Compensation awards don’t just get paid out for physical injury after a car crash. There will also be financial consequences that need taking care of too. You might need to take time off of work, spend time in hospital, or have to spend money on extensive repairs to your vehicle. Our solicitors and lawyers can help in many different ways with compensation after a road accident.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you and what our road traffic accident solicitors can do to ensure you don’t get short-changed, then please call our 24 hours a day helpline now. We will conduct a short telephone interview with you which is completely free of charge and you are under no obligation to use our services.

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For more information on our services we also recommend reading the following pages on our website which go into a little bit more detail on the different car accident claims we can help and support you with.

New Claims Types Now Available for Legal Support in London

Despite the lead up to Christmas and New Year, our website and social media team have been extremely busy making sure that the website is 100% up to date and ready for any personal injury claims that might occur over the festive period and in 2016.

Today we added a lot more content to our website, designed to help those that live and work in London get the legal representation that they deserve after an accident.

For example, today we added a new page about arm injury compensation claims in London which goes into some detail about what you should do in the event of an injury.

We also put together a superb informational page regarding broken foot injury claims. Take a look at that if you have hurt one or both of your feet and would like to know how much compensation you could be due with the help of our specialist legal team.

Over the coming days we will be adding even more content to the website from our in-house legal team of solicitors and lawyers, and will update this blog post with more as we go.

If you would like to get started in making a claim please call us today to find out how the no win no fee* process can help you to get justice this year and into the next.

Happy Christmas from the London No Win No Fee Team

It’s that time of year again when families and friends get together to celebrate Christmas, and then not long afterwards we’ve got the New Year to celebrate too.  Of course, it should be a time to really enjoy yourselves, but unfortunately it’s a time of year when accidents are more common places – which is why our no win no fee* team are always on hand to help you out should you need the assistance of a personal injury lawyer in London.

Happy New Year from the London Personal Injury Solicitors Team

Happy new year to all of our clients as well as those clients that we hope to be dealing with in 2014.  2013 has been a very busy year for us, with the setting up of this website in order to compete within the personal injury niche in the city of London.  Whilst the website is still a little way of completion, we hope that you can continue to support us as you have done already with any sharing of our content on the social media channels that you might have.

New London Accident Claims Page Launched in December

This week we launched our new page all about making accident claims in London. The web page contains information on how people living in working in London can make an accident or London injury claim – even if that has happened in the last three years. This means that our personal injury website is nearly ready to officially launch and we should be able to add contact details and solicitor information in the coming months so potential clients can get in touch with us.

New Video Regarding No Win No Fee Lawyers in London Made Live

Our social media team have been a bit quiet of late, but today added a new video to our Youtube Channel all about No Win No Fee* solicitors in London.  The new video can be viewed below, or in full on our Youtube page.  It is intended to promote the new page we launched on our website today… if you haven’t seen it check out the latest information we have on London-based No Win No Fee* Lawyers.