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RSI Compensation Claims in London

The medical term Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI, relates to upper limb disorder, and can cover a wide variety of conditions. These can include aspects such as: Frozen shoulder Tennis…

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industrial disease, sickness and deafness, workplace, factory injury compensation

Industrial Disease Claims in London

Our industrial disease solicitors are expert lawyers in helping people in London get the compensation and medical treatment that they deserve after a work-related illness or disease. We work on…

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warehouse and factory accident compensation claim solicitors in London

Factory & Warehouse Accident Claims in London

Factory Injury Compensation London (Including Warehouses) As a worker you have legal rights and are protected by the law. If you have been injured, become ill, or been hurt whilst…

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industrial deafness and hearing loss compensation claims solicitors in London

Industrial Deafness & Hearing Loss Compensation Claims in London

Did you know that over ten million people in the country have some form of hearing loss and deafness – and many of those suffer as a direct result of…

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Workplace Slip, Trip or Fall - slip and trip hazards in the workplace, suing employer for negligence

Accident at Work Claims - Workplace Injury Compensation

Make an Injury at Work Claim in London If you have been hurt whilst working in London then it’s possible that you could claim for work injury compensation in the…

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Back ache, spine pain from workplace, lack of time for breaks and exercise - RSI, joint pain, office worker

London Office Accidents & Injuries

Most London-based office workers would consider their workplaces to be very safe indeed. And certainly, when white collar jobs are compared to working in building sites, warehouses, factories and heavy…

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Injured construction worker or engineer suffering backpain in lower back area outdoor at work

Building Site Accidents in London

There is no doubt that building sites represent one of the more dangerous types of workplace in London. Construction is an unforgiving business from a health and safety perspective, especially…

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