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Solicitor is the Eighth Cyclist to Die at the Same London Junction in 14 Years

Posted in: Bicycle Accidents Road Traffic Accidents Wrongful & Accidental Death 
We Represent Injured Cyclists In The UK - We Offer A Free Cycle Accident Claim Assessment for all manner of cyclist

Shatha Ali was killed by a lorry whilst riding her bike near Holborn station on the 1st of March, during the height of the London tube strikes. The 39-year-old, on-hiatus corporate lawyer – with a specialism in derivatives and Islamic finance – was “social cyclist,” with good knowledge of London’s roads. Ali’s death comes only 6 […]

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Oslo’s Pedestrian and Cyclist Deaths Brought to Zero in 2019 as it Moves to Reduce Cars in the City

Posted in: Bicycle Accidents Pedestrian Injuries Road Traffic Accidents 
London pedestrian injury compensation claim solicitors

In 2019, Oslo, Norway, lead the way in road safety. Not only did it record zero pedestrian and cyclist fatalities in the capital, it also saw no child die in road traffic accidents across the whole country. Norway’s crash statistics have seen a slow, but downward trend in the last decade, as it moves to […]

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Asylum Seeker Lost Baby After Home Office Refused to Seek Medical Attention

Posted in: Birth Injury Wrongful & Accidental Death 
midwife birth medical negligence compensation solicitors London, stillbirth, lost baby

A woman, who has chosen to be referred to as “Adna”, claims to have lost her baby due to negligence from the Home Office. Adna, who fled Angola to seek asylum in the UK, was 5 months pregnant. In January 2020, she was brought in by police to Brigstock house in Croydon – a specialist […]

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Mass Cycling Accident at Tour De France Caused by Spector with Sign

Posted in: Bicycle Accidents Road Traffic Accidents Sporting Injuries 
cycling injury in sports event Tour De France Compensation Solicitors London

A spectator holding a large cardboard sign during Stage 1 of 2021 Tour De France on Saturday is responsible for a crash involving a significant number of cyclists. The yet unidentified cycling fan was showing the sign over the edge of the road trying to show a message to her Grandparents by appearing on TV. […]

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Your Legal Rights Regarding Work Accident Claims or Industrial Injury

Posted in: Workplace Injuries 

Today we wanted to look at how the law differs in the UK and United States regarding work accident claims. How it Works in the United States Despite statutory operating safeguards work accidents happen again and again. Then it’s good to know what obligations have employers and employees. You can also read more here about […]

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Need a Personal Injury Solicitor in Croydon?

Posted in: Personal Injury 
personal injury solicitors Croydon

have a vast amount of experience in helping people who have been involved in accidents in Croydon secure the maximum compensation for their injuries. No matter what kind of accident you have been a victim of, we can help. If you live or work in the Croydon area, we could help you claim the compensation […]

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How Work Accident Compensation & Mortgage Protection Insurance Work Together

Posted in: Workplace Injuries 
warehouse and factory accident compensation claim solicitors in London

If you have been involved in an accident that has led to you having to take time off work, then you might be struggling to afford your mortgage. It’s a worrying time, but thankfully there are some things that you can do with specialist legal and insurance support, one of which is getting work accident […]

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Lawsuits Relating to Cosmetic Procedures Using Lip Fillers

Posted in: Medical Negligence Negligent Cosmetic Surgery 
Cosmetic surgery negligence compensation claims London

In 1989, Botox was approved for medical and therapeutic use. Whilst this treatment has become very wide spread in the UK, and is generally considered to be safe, there have been occasions where those women (and men) being treated have been adversely affected. As such, they have looked to the legal profession to file lip […]

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Car Accident Solicitors for London – Expert Legal Guidance

Posted in: Car Accidents Road Traffic Accidents 
Car accident claims solicitors London - road traffic accidents

Car accidents and road traffic accidents are amongst the most common causes of injury in London, it’s one of the most common claims our solicitors ** deal with. London has a high proportion of these accidents due to the large population and level of car ownership. If you or a family member has been involved […]

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New Injury Claims Types Now Available for Legal Support in London

Posted in: Personal Injury 

Despite the lead up to Christmas and New Year, our website and social media team have been extremely busy. We’re making sure that the website is 100% up to date and ready for any personal injury claims that might occur over the festive period and in 2016. Today, we added a lot more content to […]

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